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Read the Bible in 2018

By Keith Clayton in First Baptist Church 8 months ago | 651 views Link:

Join us in reading through the Bible during 2018 as part of our WORD 511 campaign. Copies of The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan are available at the Welcome Center. Pick one up and join together as a church in reading through God’s Word during 2018. This emphasis will be supplemented by daily videos and information on The City and Facebook that will encourage your journey.

The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan offers special features to aid you in your journey through the Bible.

  • Reading includes four separate places in Scriptures each day to help grasp the unity of the Word.
  • You can begin at any point during the year. We invite you to join us starting Jan. 1.
  • Falling behind can become frustrating. This plan gives you only 25 readings, so you’ll have some “free days” each month to catch up or review.
  • If reading through the entire Bible looms too large, the 4-segment plan provides a structure to read part this year, and other parts next year, while still guiding you through the entire Bible in a systematic way.


Lori Lindsey

This is perfect timing.  I was looking for something like this to begin the new year.  Thank you.

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The FBC group is a place where we can share information with all of our church family. This group primarily involves church staff communicating with the body. Deeper community best develops in the various other groups that make up The City for FBC. We encourage you to join a few and engage.

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