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2018 Church of Light - Christmas Decor

By Keith Clayton in First Baptist Church 8 months ago | 832 views Link:

As part of our vision for reaching our community in 2018, we are planning a major Christmas outreach. As “A Church of Light,” we plan to decorate extensively outdoors on our grounds using all kinds of Christmas lights and decorations. We’ll have costumed characters for a live manger scene, music, and serve refreshments. Our Christmas invitation to our community will begin the night of the Merry Christmas Terrell and run through the next week, with various SS/LG classes taking a night to help lead.

How You Can Help Now: Keep an eye out for Christmas decorations as they go on sale within the next couple of weeks. Lights, figurines, blow-ups, or whatever you find that appeals to you. If you’re willing, purchase and donate these items. You can bring them to the church office.


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